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C++ Software Developer - Camera System

Do you enjoy strong collaboration with your team mates? Pair programming and even mob programming is something you are curious about? Come join a strong SW team that pushes all boundaries!

Do you enjoy strong collaboration with your team mates? Pair programming and even MOB programming is something you are curious about? Come join a strong SW team that pushes all boundaries!

Insights from the team

Team VIC (Vision Component) purpose is to integrate cameras within the Zenseact Software stack. We ensure to transport images from the cameras, using 3d party APIs, and transfer them without any memory copies to other components. All this, without sacrificing the software design and performance. The challenge lies within balancing object oriented design, great performance, while maintaining safety on a highest level!

Team VIC members work closely, with a pair- or mob-programming setting being part of the regular daily routine. We actively try to eliminate any silos within the team to ensure knowledge-sharing and minimize pressure on individual members.
For example, if we identify someone has become fluent on a particular task then they are expected to mentor others through similar tasks and refrain from being the primary driver.

If you join the VIC team you will not be asked to "own" a particular domain and specialize in it. Instead, you should be ready to tightly collaborate and collectively take on activities that span the entire area we are responsible for.
We enjoy discussions about design and architecture that allow us to align on certain topics and select the optimum way forward as a team. We also like to speak our minds during our sprint retrospectives and openly bring up both the highlights and the problematic aspects of the sprint. We readily involve our Product Owner and our Engineering Manager if we require additional assistance to implement a change or push an initiative.

We cherish our frequent communication and effective cooperation with our Product Owner. Our backlog refinement sessions enable us to have a well-defined roadmap ahead of us. When the team lacks clarity on specific areas or subjects, our Product Owner organizes knowledge-sharing sessions. They often result in early software architecture drafts for our upcoming solutions.

Sounds like the high-performing and modern knowledge-sharing environment that you are looking for? :)


Your mission and day-to-day tasks

One day won't be like the other here at Zenseact, but some of your responsibilities would include:

  • Writing clean and efficient code, mainly in C++, which complies with automotive safety standards.
  • Seeing the software you write run on real-life autonomous vehicles. It is both challenging and satisfying.
  • Diving into a large existing code base and reading up documentation on topics such as low level camera drivers and platform-specific inter-process communication.
  • Understanding the big picture and how our software interacts with components belonging to other teams within Zenseact, our customers and our suppliers.
  • Writing automated unit and integration tests.
  • Conducting code reviews and finding issues that our existing automated tests, or the static and dynamic code analysis tools cannot.
  • Driving the strategies and policies on software development, quality and verification within Zenseact.
  • Enjoying the possibility to drive C++ knowledge boosts, meet-ups or any other activities within SW development that you are passionate about.
  • Being a team player! This isn't a cliché, it will be necessary :)

Based on your competences and interests you will have the possibility to shape your own role and develop professionally - we strive for T-shaped competence at Zenseact!


Qualifications & experiences

Must have:

  • You are passionate about modern C++ (14). Maybe you have some open source projects or something else you would like to show us?
  • You have worked with large code-bases and 3rd party drivers. We utilize the NVIDIA DriveOS platform.
  • You have some previous experience with embedded systems and Linux.
  • You enjoy a collaborative way of working. We usually do pair and mob programming.
  • You are experienced with writing testable code.
  • You are familiar with version control systems. We use Git and Gerrit for our code reviews.
  • You are hungry for knowledge and the idea of developing something that nobody has ever succeeded to do before excites you!



  • You are familiar with Bazel.
  • Previous experience from writing code in a safety-critical environment.
  • Domain knowledge within Computer Vision, cameras and imaging.


Flexible-remote way of working: Zenseact has a flexible and modern approach, thus is happy to offer to its employees the possibility for a combination of work at the office and from home. This doesn't include fully remote work from outside Sweden/China.

More about Zenseact

Zenseact’s purpose is to make safe and intelligent mobility real, for everyone, everywhere. We develop the complete software stack for ADAS and AD, from sensing to actuation. Our focus is to build a single cutting-edge software platform in order to serve various levels of autonomy and offer unequaled scalability at the same time. We operate out of Gothenburg, Sweden and Shanghai, China. Zenseact’s first self-driving deployment will be launched on the next-generation vehicle platform from Volvo Cars.

Self-driving cars, when real, is estimated to reduce fatal car accidents with more than 85%, saving more than 50,000 persons from dying in car accidents caused by human errors each year. We feel that is a goal worth pursuing.

But technology, software, tools and datasets would not mean much without the best people behind the wheel to drive them. At Zenseact, some five hundred of the best engineering minds globally, stationed across two continents, are collaborating with the same passion: to bring autonomous driving to the streets for real and create a safer journey for everyone. This is part of our culture and how we work, develop and grow together.

Zenseact works proactively to create a culture of diversity and inclusion, where individual differences are appreciated and respected. To drive innovation we see diversity as an asset, which means we value and respect differences in gender, race, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age etc.

Interviews are held on a continuous basis, so we highly recommend that you submit your application at your earliest convenience.

Additional information

  • Remote status

    Flexible remote

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

Gothenburg, Sweden

Lindholmspiren 2
417 56 Göteborg Directions View page

Making safe and intelligent mobility real.

At Zenseact, we lead the global movement of crafting tomorrow's mobility with the software platform of choice. Our mission is to “Make safe and intelligent mobility real, for everyone, everywhere”. This statement marks our conviction and dedication to bring autonomous driving out on the streets for real and is at the center of everything we do.

We could not dream of achieving this without our great teams of very talented people. We are on this journey together and our agile way of working is reflected throughout our entire organization; it is part of our culture and how we work, develop and grow together.


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